12 Team Dynasty Startup on Sleeper

Starting up a 12 team Dynasty league and it’s open to all who are interested. I commish multiple other dynasty leagues so I do have experience. The league will use GroupMe or the Sleeper chat to communicate, we’ll vote on that together. There is no buy-in.

Startup draft will be a slow draft with 8 hour clock per pick that turns off at night. Plan is to kick off the veteran draft ASAP and the rookie draft will be held before the NFL Draft so you’ve gotta be okay with that.

The league is pretty simple so I think it’s great for new dynasty players, if you’re looking for something lower risk.

12 teams
1 QB
1 RB
1 WR
1 TE
4 Flex
26 man rosters with 5 IR spots. IR disappears in off-season.
FAAB is used for waivers. Waivers clear daily in the regular season and once a week in the offseason.

The little tweaks in scoring is tiered PPR. So RBs receive .25 per reception, WRs get .5, and TEs get .75. There are also 3 point bonuses for games over 100+ yards, like DraftKings.

Playoffs are 6 team with top 4 teams getting seeds 1-4 and seeds 5 and 6 will be given to highest scoring teams left out.

Winner of the consolation bracket each year will receive pick 1.13 as a reward.

For the rookie draft, you will draft a pick slot during the startup. So you could draft the 2 spot, and you would receive 1.02, 2.02, etc… Once the startup is over, you can trade your individual rookie picks. Only one pick slot per team during the startup. Rookie draft will be 4 rounds.

There will be no trade vetoing, unless collusion and no review time on trades.

Almost everything is open to a league vote if up for change.

Email me at dewittzd@gmail.com if interested or DM me on here.