12 team Dynasty Startup (Sleeper)

Starting up a 12 team Dynasty league and it’s open to all who are interested. I commish two other Dynasty leagues so why not add a 3rd. The league will use GroupMe to chat and there is likely no buy-in unless the league really wants one

The league is pretty simple so I think it’s great for new dynasty players.

12 teams
.5 PPR
1 QB
1 RB
1 WR
1 TE
5 Flex
30 man rosters with 5 IR spots. IR disappears in off-season.
FAAB is used for waivers as well but the players are first come, first serve during off-season.

Playoffs are 6 team with top 4 teams getting seeds 1-4 and seeds 5 and 6 will be giving to highest scoring teams left out.

Startup draft and rookie draft will be held separately most likely but we can decide as a league how we want to do that. Almost everything is open to a league vote if up for change.

Email me at dewittzd@gmail.com if interested.

If there’s no buy in and it’s just for fun, count me in. Message me @ psljags71@att.net

I’d like to jump in but would prefer some money on the line. Eric.steffes@gmail.com if you get this going

It’ll just be a free league. At least this year.

What platform, Sleeper?

Yeah, im in the league, its on sleeper

I am interested.

We actually just filled our last spot.

ok, thanks.

spot opened up, will send invite to email

sent the email, should be able to join

Definitely interested if there is still a spot free?

full as of now, don’t think there will be an opening, sorry