12 Team Dynasty Startup - Superflex with IDPs ($50/yr on leaguesafe)

FILLED: As the fantasy football season just ended I know that plenty of us are looking for more startups, and if you’re a junky like me, I have the perfect league for you. We are looking for very competitive and active players, hence the high(ish) buyin.

This is going to be a very deep league that starts 20+ players per week (still finalizing certain parameters) Rough roster construction will be as such:

1QB, 1SF, 2RB, 3WR, 2TE, 2FLEX, 2LBs, 2DL, 3 IDP FLEX, 2 DBs

The 1st two rounds of 2021 Rookie picks will be available in the startup draft by drafting Kickers and claiming your draft position. (If you want to join I will explain in further detail prior to you remitting payment).

We will most likely be doing a tiered PPR scoring format wherein RBs get 0.5 pts, WRs 1.0 pts, and TEs 1.75 pts. This coupled with needing to start 2 TEs will make them incredibly valuable.

If you’re looking for a unique league that is also easy to understand, this is the league for you.

Respond with your interest below and look forward to seeing some of you in the league!

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What platform will the league be using?

We’re doing Sleeper!

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Cool. Im interested if there are still spots available.

Add me on sleeper @BaylorC

Hey, I am interested if you still have spots available! My sleeper name is @Baggz

I love this formst…Halvie on sleeper if you have a spot available