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12 Team - Dynasty Superflex - Sleeper


This is Shane. We are doing a start up hosted on Sleeper. Start up draft will begin as soon as League is full and every understands the rules and format. Looking to get some new active dedicated owners in this league. If your interested find my contact info below.
Roster: 1QB, 1RB, 1WR, 1TE, 1SuperFlex, 5 Flex.

Scoring: PPR, 6Pt Passing TD

Playoffs: 6 teams make the playoffs: Seeds 1-5 based off record. 6th seed is wild card determined off total points regardless of record.

League due: $50
Payout structure: 1) 450 2) 100) 3) next year free

In consideration of a weaker RB class 2019 rookie pick order will be inverse of startup draft position.

Contact me here if interested: Ffdynasty32@gmail.com


Hey, are you still looking?

email me please, if so: jaredstill@gmail.com


You still looking?