12 Team Dynasty Trade

Receive: Godwin, Kerryon, Robby Anderson, Burton
Send: Hilton, Guice, Hunter Henry

12 Team .5ppr league. My WRs are Hilton, A. Cooper, Sutton, Funchess. My RBs are Bell, Guice, Montgomery, Royce. And I have Hunter Henry and O.J. Howard as my current TEs

Not sure if I should accept this trade, and looking for some outside opinions. Thanks!!

Very even trade, in my opinion. Do you consider yourself a contender in this league?

Kerryon Johnson is the most valuable assent and you would receive that player. I lean towards an accept.

There are two stacked teams, but I see myself as a team in the playoffs this year. I like the RB upgrade and need the WR depth so I’m leaning accept as well. I get nervous with trades that involve a lot of pieces, so I appreciate your input.

It’s pretty even, but I would definitely accept this trade. KJ is the best player involved and both Godwin and Robby have really high upside to go with your solid RB core. The TE swap isn’t a big loss since you have OJ. I just traded away Guice myself and it’s a relief…

I agree with the other assessments here and would just add that you are giving up the oldest player too and getting high upside youth back. While I lke Guice, there is a wealth of examples that show that it takes a full season to come back from an ACL unless you’re bionic AP. You’re taking fairly little risk on, if any.

Well I made the trade. Getting rid of Guice was a huge win for me because I don’t have to worry about what will happen with him. Having Bell last year was enough drama for me.

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Heck yeah! If you feel good about a trade, then do it.