12 team half point how'd I do?

Picking at the 12 spot. Thanks for your feedback #footclan

damn i really like the team as long as gurley is healthy enough to put up top 5 numbers. good luck this season!

Thanks. I tried to add that insurance policy with Brown. Good luck to you as well.

AJ Green could be the deciding factor honestly though.

Yeah as long as Gurley and Sony stay healthy and productive your team should be fine. Not sure how I feel about you having andrews on your bench I think you could use more wr depth instead. Especially with Green out for who knows how long and keke who may or may not play week 1

I agree. I just think I’d rather have that guy due to the thinness of the position. I think he could be top 5 in that group. But I don’t disagree. Not much to add is part of the problem too. So I can add someone like Enunwa, Ross, Ginn etc, but those guys aren’t finishing near the top of their position and don’t carry the same potential value due to the depth at the WR position. Do you agree?