12 Team Half-PPR Keeper

I can keep Ekeler in the 10th, Golladay in the 11th, or Godwin in the 12th.
My first half keeper is Ertz in the 5th.

I feel like Godwin or Golladay is the better season long value but are more easily replaced and that Ekeler could have more value in the future if Gordon isn’t with the Chargers moving forward.
Can someone talk me off of him?

Its really close you have 3 great options. Godwin presents the most value with the highest upside of the group for me. Id keep Godwin and go RB heavy first few rounds if possible.

Good luck!


It’s Godwin 100%


I agree! I don’t know that I believe Golladay will be the 1 or at least not a clear 1 and I think the Bucs offense will be better than the Lions. Thanks!

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