12 team Half PPR looking for advice

I’m new to 12 team leagues and I’m not super happy with my Draft. Especially after Luck’s retirement. My team is:

QB: Josh Allen and Jimmy G

RB: Damian Williams, Kerryon Johnson, Tevin Coleman, Kalen Ballage
WR: Davante Adams, Robert Woods, Tyler Boyd, Robby Anderson, Dede Westbrook
TE: Delaney Walker, Mark Andrew’s

I feel I’m pretty weak at WR, was thinking about a few trades.

  1. Boyd and Coleman for Chris Carson
  2. Adams for Carson and Mike Evan’s

So what do you think of the team? Am I overreacting or do I need some work? Also, what do you all think of the trades?

Perhaps it’s a mistype but I would say you’re weaker at RB than WR and the trades you’re proposing seem to be to strengthen your RB corp, yes? If you can trade Boyd & Coleman for Carson that’d be good. Trading away Adams for Evans might weaken your WRs a bit much for my liking, especially with how unpredictable Evans can be.

Definitely strong at WR in my opinion

Yeah I meant RB lol!

I would definitely try for the first trade cause Carson could be real legit this year

I got it done! I think Carson is going to be a stud!

Good trade I think that evens you out pretty well as long as Carson lives up to the hype we all have for him and one of your qbs can put up legit numbers

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