12 team half PPR. What draft position!?

Just won the ability to choose draft position. I’m leaning towards 3/4, but so many possibilities. Thoughts?

im looking at spot 3. get one of the top RBs, and a better player at the next turn. i also like the 1.08, because hopkins or OBJ are usually there, and thats fantastic value for a top WR. plus if you still want to go with a top end RB barley and gordon are usually still around. but i feel more comfortable with a zeke keenan combo, or even going another top end RB if any make it back.

Yeah, completely agree. Leaning towards 4 to guarantee an elite RB and earlier 2nd round pick. Late round scares me because I don’t want to be forced into WR/WR based on value. Love the Zeke/Keenan combo.

Assuming 12 team league I prefer the 4 spot. 10 team is 3

oh thats an interesting distinction. do you prefer the 3 in 10 man cause you want the best return on value, while still getting zeke? or something along those lines? im interested on why the change from 12 to 10 man. i have some ideas in my head but i dont want to ramble on like i dont actually know haha.

I prefer the 3rd as i’m a little closer to the turn, get a top RB usually Zeke, and going into the 4th I’ve usually got 3 players i’m very happy with given the price on RBs getting a Zeke, Allen and CMC/Mixon or even Gronk if he makes it (he has in mocks on occasion) i’m very pleased with that core to my team

In a 12 you still get one of the big 4 RBs and you don’t have such a long wait. You are still close enough to the turn that you can strategize around the 3 guys in front of you.

In a 10 team, rosters get a bit more stacked so the turn is much more crucial in “planning for someone to come back around.” I want 3 because if someone is dumb enough to pass on Gurley or Bell I want them. Otherwise I get my pick of Zeke or DJ, whichever you prefer.

I know the Bell/Gurley comment would be a big advantage in a 12 team league, but I want an overall better roster with that shorter wait on the long turn.

I like picking from the 4 a lot more. You still get one of the top rbs and you can leverage your position by getting an established WR like AJ Green or Doug Baldwin at the back of the 2nd round and still get a RB with upside like Mixon or McKinnon in the 3rd.