12 Team Keeper .5 PPR // SuperFlex // TE Premium League

12 Team .5 PPR // SuperFlex // TE Premium // 2 Keeper

Keeper Costs:
The Draft Pick of the Round you intially drafted your Keeper + 1 for each year you extend the player.
A Traded player defaults to an intial 3rd Round pick to proceeded season after being designated as a Keeper.

Example #1, if I draft Pat Mahomes in the 2nd Round this year (2020), then elect to keep him next year it will cost my 3rd Round pick in 2021. If I then decide to extend him in 2021 to keep again in 2022 it will cost my 4th Round pick and so on.

Example #2, if i trade for Pat Mahomes midway through the season (2020) and elect to designate him a Keeper for 2021 it will cost my 3rd Round pick in 2021, then 4th in 2022, and so on.

Trade Deadline: Week 12

Playoffs Start Week 14.
Top 6 teams go to the Leage Championship Bracket.
Bottom 6 teams compete in Consolation Bracket.

$100 Annual Buy In via LeagueSafe

Weekly Payouts ($50 in total weekly payouts)
$25 Highest Set Lineup Score
$25 Highest BestBall Score (entire lineup plus bench players)

End of Season Payout
Championship Bracket Winner takes $400.
Consolation Bracket Winner takes $150.

2 Spots Left

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