12 Team Keeper Conundrum!


Footclan, I’ve had this question haunting me the last 4 months of the offseason with no clear signs of an answer. I need help deciding who I should keep in my 12-team standard scoring keeper league. You can keep 3 players, and I’m keeping Zeke for sure. Here’s who I’m debating on for the 2nd & 3rd spot:

-Marshawn Lynch
-Brandin Cooks
-DeAndre Hopkins
-Sammy Watkins
-Michael Crabtree
-Travis Kelce
-Tom Brady

I’m leaning Lynch and Cooks here, but would love to hear others thoughts.


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I would take Crabtree, Watkins, or Hopkins over Cooks.

Do you have to keep three?

Have to keep 3. My logic behind cooks was taking the person remaining with the highest ADP to get the biggest return of “market value”. But definitely not attached to it.

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I would go Hopkins and Watkins. But I am also not going to be taking Lynch this year because I think he is getting way over drafted! Kelce would get some consideration but I agree with your logic of simply taking best value and for me that’s Watkins and Hopkins

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In a keeper I would say Kelce and Cooks. Kelce has seen an up tick in yards and I think will get more TDs this year. Cooks is a wildcard, but he is young and has Tom Brady. As a Saints fan I hope Cooks falls flat on his face but as a fan of fantasy I see Cooks as a fun WR with lots of upside.

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I would have said Cooks if NE hadn’t resigned Edelman. Cooks will be good, but probably won’t have TDs.

I would choose Watkins and Hopkins simply because they are the only options on their teams. If you are worried about health/QB issues sub in Crabtree.