12 Team Keeper League Ballers Preferred Scoring

Have 4 openings in the following league.

1 QB
3 WR
2 RB
1 TE
1 Kicker
1 D/ST

3 Keepers
Keepers will be kept in the round you drafted then plus 1

Ballers preferred Scoring

50$ Buy in through league safe

250$ First
120$ Second
50$ Third
50$ Highest points for at end of the regular season (weeks 1-13)
10$ to the most points for each week (weeks 1-13)

Lineup Changes: Lock Individually at Scheduled Gametime
• Season Acquisition Limit: No limit!
• Waiver system: Free Agent Auction (Continuous) with $100 as the budget
• FAAB Tiebreaker: Resets each week to inverse order of standings
• Trade Limit: No Limit
• Trade Deadline: (Week 8 for Keeper leagues)
• Playoffs: 6 Teams (3 rounds, 2 Byes) from weeks 14-16

Link to 2019 league

Link to 2019 Draft Board for keepers

The available teams are
Butthole Surfers
Nuklear Blast
Pour 1 Out for Mahom
“THEE” University

We have a groupme setup for league communication.

Just post and leave your email if you would like to join.

I’m interested, my email is ryanjnedrow@gmail.com. I don’t have much availablity for drafting though, when is the draft?

Interested if THEE University is available. mlmay31@gmail.com

First reply, I got dibs on THEE :slight_smile:, if not available I might be interested in Pour 1, if we are not required to use all 3 keeper spots.

Would take Nuklear too

nedrowyourboat You have THee sir.

Draft is 9/5 @ 8pm EST

mlmay31 you have Nuklear

Will add your emails to the league and send goup me link later.

9/5 won’t work for me, I’ll have to back out. Thanks anyways, take care

Ill take THee U in his place
Sleeper - endries33
ESPN- michaelend3333

email me otherwise: endries33@gmail.com

down to take on whatever team is still left at this point:

I’m interested if there is still an open spot!


Looks like your full, but just in case. rradford44@yahoo.com