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12 Team Keeper League Startup


Hey guys!!! I’m looking to start a 12 team keeper league that utilizes the same rules as the Fantasy Footballers use in their League of Records.
Would be .5 PPR with a roster like this:
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 D/ST
1 PK
5 Bench
2 IR Slots

We would use ESPN as the host site.
For anyone that is an active team manager, please leave your email here and I’d love to add you to the roster!



I’m interested!


Great as soon as we have enough members I’ll email you a link! Thanks for the reply.


awesome thank you!


I’m in. whardin19@hotmail.com


im interested if you still have room. hit me up at ctm4288@gmail.com


I am interested… what is the buy in? mnmike37@gmail.com


If you still have room I am interested.



I have been looking to join a keeper league for a long time sign me up!


I would definitely be keen if there’s still space!



Is there a place that shows all the settings for the FF ballers league of record?


im interested sounds like fun christiangrande667@yahoo.com


Interessted! yanbouz10@gmail.com


I’m definitely interested if your still have open spots. colekayj@gmail.com


Is this league still happening? Should someone else start it?