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12 team keeper PPR


12 team PPR

Edelman 3rd round
Crowder 10th round
Mike Gill 10th round


if you can only keep one I like Crowder. But Gilli wouldn’t be bad either.


Well it’s a 4 player keeper. My keepers so far are

  1. 1st round is zeke
  2. 2nd round is bell
  3. 4th round is baldwin
  4. open spot for the above… I have other players but the above three are my best options.


then I would grab a WR since you already have the 2 RBs. I would say Crowder at the 10 then you would have a third round pick.


That is what I was leaning towards. Thanks for your input.


Gillislee is the most tempting for me, but since you have Zeke and Bell, Crowder would make sense. Wouldn’t take Edelman in the 3rd I don’t think.


I take gillislee. Sure you have zeke and bell, but bell has injury issues, and as an added bonus, he is a great compliment for your bye weeks and reliable for an injury filler. You can find wrs late thst will produce. Crowder for example. You can still get him back. What you can’t get, is a potential top 15 rb in the 10th. At least not often.


Take Crowder for sure. He has 100 catch upside with Djax and Garcon gone.