12 team keeper start up - come on serious players only!

Entree $50 , 12 team startup keeper league on ESPN . 1 spot left to fill experience and dedicated players preferred post email address , contact number, years playing fantasy , and # of leagues you are in . Trying to fill tonight 1st/2nd/3rd place prize money

I’ve been playing for about 10 years and I’m currently in 4 leagues.

3 leagues, 8 years of experience, ready to pay for my spot today.

sent you email

what is your email address and text number , please?

I’ll email you my phone number

Hey bro i have 12 teams for now filled but i do have 3 spots open in a 2 qb ppr redraft money league that u can get in , and i can keep you on stand by list in case someone changes their mind before season starts.

What’s the buy in?


I’ve been playing fantasy for many years.

thus is my second league.

hey bro you still want in league i have a spot open . Draft spot is 12 , let know asap please your are next on waiting list , thanks

I’m ok bro, thanks for the invite. Good luck this season.

When is the draft?

Our draft is Aug 25 but we are full right now if a spot comes open I can put u on waiting list.