12 Team Keeper Startup: 6 spots available

Hey folks,

I’ve got a group of people who’ve been playing fantasy in a league of mine for years who were all interested in making things more competitive, so I’m considering filling the rest of the spots with footclan members. Curious what the interest out there is for this style of league.

$25 buy in
FAAB for waivers
No kickers
Keep up to 3 players p/ year
Deep Benches
1/2 ppr
1 IR spot
2 matchups p/week: one is a head to head (like normal) and one is your score vs the league average for that week.
For example: If you scored the 2nd most points in a given week but played the person who scored the most, you would get 1 loss (to the guy you were playing who also scored the most points) and one win (against the league average for that week)
This format takes out a little bit of luck and rewards teams who are scoring high regularly.

If you’d be in for this style and want to play, let me know. League fees will probably go through LeagueSafe.


I’m in. Let me know what to do next.

Spot still available

sure sounds good, id be in

I’m in if there is still an available spot. Email is jaredmn38@gmail.com

If there is another spot open I would like to join thanks! T.walters2121@gmail.com

I would be interested in joining tjchiasson8@gmail.com

sleeper id: diegov

I want in! When’s the draft?