12 Team League Pick at the Turn Question

Im in a keeper league with custom scoring.
1 point for 4 catches
2 points for 5 catches
4 points for 6 catches
6 points for 9 catches
Applies to TE, WR, RB
Yards rush 20 = 1pt
Yards rec 25 = 1pt

I will be starting with Herbert and Diggs as keepers. Right now I am leaning taking at least one RB at the 12/13 turn as there will be many kept but there is a chance that I could also be looking at some really good WRs also at the turn. With such a long wait until I pick again I think it would be really bad if I don’t take at least one RB because WR is deeper. Or I could even go 2 RBs and still prob find good WRs later but that would mean leaving maybe an Allen Robinson or McClaurin or Cooper, guys like that on the board. If I split I can take best RB available and best WR but still be looking at RB 3/4s for my RB 2 likely. Any thoughts on what I should lean toward appreciated!