12 team non-PPR 3rd over all pick

Hey guys need some advice here. I have the third overall pick in my 12 team league. I already know I am going to start RB,RB for first two picks, but with my third pick who would you fell comfortable being your WR1 Golloday, A.J, Brown, D.J. Moore, Thielen, or Kupp

of the ones you listed I world go Golloday, AJ Brown, Theilin, Moore, Kupp with it being a standard league…really I would be ok with any of the first 3 as my WR1…Moore and Kupp are a bit lower for me in non-ppr

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Golladay, DJM, AJB for re-draft in that order. Any of those 3 would be fine. I’d stay away from Kupp in that ADP range