12 Team PPR Auction Keeper Advice

I’m in a 12 team league. We get 3 keepers but it’s an auction set-up ($200 budget) where you get a discount to ESPN list price (30% off first keeper, 20% of 2nd, 10% off third). My team was loaded last year and I’m having a hard time picking my 3 keepers. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Le’Veon Bell ($52)
Davante Adams ($50)
James Conner ($45)
Dalvin Cook ($36)
Nick Chubb ($30)
Tyreek Hill UGGGH ($12)

I would keep:
Adams for $35
Bell for $42
Cook for $32

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Honestly I would let Bell & Adams go. I’d Keep Conner, Cook & Chubb. Totals $87.30. That leaves you with $112.70 and already with 3 RB1s. Gives you enough cash and piece of mind to go after a couple big named receivers.