12 team PPR Dynasty Startup! $100 entry!

Hi all, I am starting a 12-team dynasty PPR league on Sleeper. It will be $100 per entry through LeagueSafe, paying 2 years up front. I am an experienced fantasy player but new to commissioning and look forward to learn and grow with my leaguemates.

15 Bench
4 Taxi
2 IR

Startup draft will be determined when league capacity is met. Picks will last 8 hours to ensure everyone can make their picks and not have to coordinate a proper draft time. Please reply and I will send you the invite!


I am interested. I have played in multiple redraft leagues and am currently in 2 dynasty leagues. My sleeper user is @bigred2233.

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I am interested in playing as well. Sleeper tag is @i3ig13ig

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I am interested, sleeper MrCheese

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I am very interested and sleeper account is darkhelmet007

Iā€™m interested. Iā€™m @Mongo56


One other owner is interested hartbreaker93 on sleeper! Also a foot-clan member but not near his computer now.

Interested! Email is lanuza.jorge@yahoo.com

I am interested. @sweandogg is my sleeper username. What is the payout, btw?

I am interested in joining! Sleeper username is rickyhood3. In one dynasty league but looking to expand.

Looking to get my father and I into a Footballers community league! My email is mdrewsmith122@gmail.com. We both are committed fantasy players and looking to find a long standing dedicated league.

What is your sleeper ID?

We will be voting on payout as a league.


if you have room for 1 more I am interested, @punisheraz.


Did you send the invite?

is there any spots open for this left?

Yes whats your sleeper username!

Still looking to fill spots?

Sleeper ID: BeerMeWaukee