12 team ppr dynasty startup 50$ buy in

Starting a 12 team dynasty start up 50$ buy in
1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
1 defense (max 1 defense aloud on each team so waivers still exist in a sense)
18 bench
winner 350$
2nd 150$
3rd 50$
Top Points end of regular season 50$

Trying to draft this Sunday. Lets kick this virus the only way we fantasy people know how…WITH FOOTBALL. Looking for active players and new to dynasty are always welcome because as a 1 year vet I can say nothing lol.

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Hi, you will make a slow or live draft ?

gunna try and get everyone going on Sunday to kick start it but it’s a slow draft

@Bjjmebz hhhh

THX very much, i am indeed very much interested in a slow draft abd about your league. I am swiss, living in Switzerland… So my english is sometimes not so good…

I am a fantasy player for the last 11 years. I play for the last 4 years for money leagues… I am alredy engaged with 8 money fantasy leagues.

So i will be a very dedicated player who loves to compete.

I just have 1 big question :

For the money aspect, what support you are using ? Paypal ? Because Europeans can not use leaguesafe. And all the money leagues i am in too are running thru paypal.

Thanks for all your further answers ?

Have a great day !!!


@jjmckenna09 I’m interested. You doing a venmo or something for buy in?

Is this a Superflex league?

Still any room in this league?

LeagueSafe for payment?

@jjmckenna09, i am still very interested ! Especially that, it’s so tough to find a non SF, IDP, TE prem, leagues this days… :sweat_smile:

Hope we can work something out thru paypal :pray:t3:

Hey guys the 12 filled but a 10 team just opened up same rules if anyone wants in https://sleeper.app/i/jxbmNzKmLE1K

https://sleeper.app/i/jxbmNzKmLE1K ya come on in!

Do you have 2 spots open? I may have a buddy who is also intrested

https://sleeper.app/i/L8zbgPe5A24m hey sorry wrong league feed here ya go

Ya I got two spots sorry last link didn’t work here is the good one


Ok. Waiting to hear back from my friend. Hope to join later today

https://sleeper.app/i/kdNVAA2OzP8Y Updated league thing

I am very interested in dynasty league

Hey do you still have an open spot. I tried that link a d it didn’t work.