12 Team PPR Dynasty Startup - Fantrax (need 6 more to fill)

This will be my 8th run league and i have received positive feedback which will result in yet another league. It’s a possibility i will create a couple more leagues after this as well.

I need dynasty owners to actually know the game of football and understand the concept of dynasty. This isn’t a one year venture. It’s a multi year commitment. The league will be run on Fantrax.com4

I hope to keep this league active and interesting year in and year out. Remember, a down year doesn’t mean you can stop playing towards the end. There’re years ahead to play for. Just because you had a down year this year doesn’t mean you can’t easily bounce back the next. There are talented rookies in each draft that can change a dynasty team’s outlook. Be smart in all decisions.
2 Years up front required to prevent quitters and 1 year payments each year thereafter. Money held through LeagueSafe.

Payouts: 1st: 400 2nd: 150 3rd: 50
Top 6 of 12 teams make playoffs. Playoffs will be held Weeks 14-16.

Scoring will be 1 point PPR based and relatively standard scoring. If you have questions as to what this means. Please ask. 10 yards = 1 point for RB & WR. 25 passing yards =1 point. Passing TD = 4. Rush/Receive = 6.

Positional Requirements: QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, 2 x FLEX (WR/RB/TE) K, DEF.
Roster Size will be 30 players. Could be increased in the future.
Rookie draft order will be in reverse order of standings each year.

Trading will be allowed as well of course. I don’t want to see any questionable or egregious trades. Always keep the future of your team in mind. Any egrigious/unfair/collusion deals are subject to majority votes.

Draft Date: Draft Date will be as soon as everyone has paid and is signed up and ready to go.
Draft Type: Slow Draft. Since there are 12 of us, it will be difficult for everyone to get on at the same time. A slow draft means there will be a set time limit for people to pick and they can log on when it’s their turn to pick. Fantrax will email you when it is your turn to pick. I will do my best to text as well.

We also have a Group me to stay in touch.
Setting lineups weekly is mandatory, regardless of record.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, please shoot me a text @ 818-397-3496
Feel free to ask any questions, only looking for committed players who are in it for the long haul.