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12 Team PPR Dynasty Trade - Who won?


Julio Jones + Carlos Hyde + Kenneth Dixon


Sammy Watkins + CJ Anderson + 1.03

Which side gets the better deal?


Julio, Hyde, Dixon…

It’s really hard to predict which rookie will do well in the league. I like Dixon for the upcoming years. This person should target Joe Williams in the rookie draft to back up Hyde.


Julio and Hyde side. With the third pick I’d have to assume they got Cook or McCaffery. Even still Id take Julio and Hyde and then like above target Joe Williams.


Agree with both above.


There are rumors that Hyde gets cut. That can be a blessing for him, he will get another job. Maybe even on a team that can give him a running lane. I would seriously love to see Hyde on the Packers. They have the cap space and he would be a great fit in that system.

I side with Julio + Hyde + Dixon, just take Joe Williams later.


Looks like I’m on the losing side so far :rofl:

Dixon is reportedly out for the season with yet another knee injury though.

The news about Hyde broke about an hour after the deal was agreed. Don’t think he will leave 49ers unless they find a trade partner.

Unbelievably the rookie draft doesn’t happen for another two weeks. Would I be wrong in hoping that Mixon/Davis fall to 3? I have the 1.11 also. So hoping to get a good rebuild going from there.


Yeah the news about Dixon sucks for this deal. But honestly, I don’t think the 49ers cut Hyde. The only way he is off that team is through a trade.


I tend to agree, lots of rumors going around. Few will actually happen.


I could see Hyde to the Ravens for a mid , late mid draft pick. I’m a 49ers fan and think its crazy they aren’t pumping him up. He is really good when healthy. We aren’t exactly loaded with talent lol.


Undoubtedly, either Mixon or Davis will fall to you in 1.03

If they don’t then it’s Fournette who falls to you which would be kinda stupid.

You should go for Joe Williams with the 1.11


So the 49ers are trying to trade Hyde I suspect. The GM is talking up Hyde’s performance while the coach says little. For anyone who doesn’t follow front office activity, it is very odd for a GM to talk up a player during training camp. Usually they talk up player groups, like defensive line or the WR core etc…
He may be trying to butter up Hyde for a trade deal.