12 Team PPR Flex IR looking for 2 new members

Hi folks,

Our (international) league is going into its 4th year now. It’s been highly competitive (read: waiver wire war) tho we never had any coin in it.

Draft order is always reverse standings from the season before so

WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE #2 and #3 PICK SLOT that are available to you.

Leave me your email and a little introduction and I’ll send you the details.

Hey is the waiver wire FAAB or waiver priority? I have been wanting to try FAAB and 12 team ppr.

also what platform? Yahoo, ESPN, Sleeper, Draft??

NFL.com I should’ve mentioned that ^^


with the waiver priority and also the draft order we are looking to keep this as competitive as possible,

When is your draft?

Sun Sept 2, 2:30 pm eastern

let me double check with my commish of my main league, our draft may be at that time, but he mentioned moving it.

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I am in. aboothe09@yahoo.com

I have been playing Fantasy for almost 10 years. I love this game and the community. My home league is a standard, 10 man league, so I have been looking for a 12 team ppr format to branch out a bit and try something new. Can’t wait to bring home that championship.

You got mail. Good to have you on bord

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