12 team ppr league


I have this set with divisions in House Stark, Lannister, and Targaryan. Let me know which house you want and I’ll put you in it. First come basis.

Will be using the Footballers scoring/roster system. Active owners only (I can only assume as fellow FootClan members, this shouldn’t be an issue). I have a Facebook Group set up for this league as well, so you must be a user of the evil empire. We will use that group for discussion and polls, because the ESPN message board kind of sucks. We will also use it to set up a draft date and time that works for everyone. I’ve also had some interest in making it a keeper league. This can also be discussed later in the year if everyone is game on making this one of their yearly leagues.

Any other questions just post here or message me. If you want to join send me an email or post it here and I will get you added to the Facebook group and send you an ESPN invite.

I’d like to join as Littlefinger. My email is mcboyes96@gmail.com

Hit me up if there’s still room. Email me at griffinmay8@gmail.com. My votes in on making it a keeper league as well!

I’m interested. You can reach me at sweenejp@yahoo.com

Interested as well. mray0416@gmail.com

I’m interested! House Stark!


Sorry guys. The logistics of getting this thing all lined out when it’s not a money league is just too much of a pain. I already have two other leagues I commission, and I have to step out on this one.

I’m interested if you still have room. Any house. Have been playing 2 yrs. and lost my work league due to retirement. my email is ginnyann3595@aol.com.