12 team ppr - roster construction/trade question

My roster is as follows picking from 1 spot. 12 team ppr, 1qb, 2 rb, 2wr, 1 te, 1 te/wr/rb flex, 1 kicker, 1 def

QB-Big Ben, Luck
RB-Gurley, R Freeman, Hyde, Burkhead, J Conner
WR-Baldwin, Tate, Watkins, K Cole, Allison, Sutton
TE -Ertz (keeper)

My question is as follows. The guy that kept Thielen also drafted Diggs and has posted he wants to move one of the two. I am trying to off set some of Baldwin’s risk so I have offered him what I consider a fair 2 for 1 deal of Burkhead and Watkins for Diggs. This owner also had McKinnon so he is now a RB down and in need at the position. He was able to pick up Alf Morris.

Is that too big of risk right now as it would leave me with only with 3 backs that are presumably in long term starting spots right now?

Ertz was my keeper, which isn’t bad, but a couple of guys had Hunt and Kamara as keepers so we have a couple of top heavy teams this year. (Our rules are your single keeper must be on your final roster the year before and have been drafted sixth round or later during that year’s draft)

Any advice appreciated.

Many thanks,