12 Team PPR Start/Sit Question

RB2 - Crowell or R.Freeman?
Need 2 WR - Gordon, Kupp (leaning these 2)…D.Pettis if Goodwin is out, K. Cole, Grant, Sutton (i know i know my wrs are trash hahaha)

bump - help!

This a close one, but I’ll go with Royce. Mostly because Mike Wright said so. Lolol.

Seriously though, I think outside of Mike Wright’s Start of the Week recommendation, I go with Royce as well.


I think kerryon is still a risky play right now with no word outside of Andy’s call, which could be right but could also be wrong. I think Marshall could be worth the shot but it’s just as risky. Hogan can still be decent if he gets slot work against bouye most likely. I would go bmarsh Hogan Lynch