12 Team PPR Start up Dynasty league (need 2-3 more team owners)

FOOTCLAN!!! I am starting up a dynasty league on fleaflicker. I have two, possibly three spots that need to be filled! Draft order will be based on NFL pickem winners for the upcoming preseason to keep things fair (snake draft first year). $65 dollar buy in. Keep your starting line up each season (11 players), will host a 7 round draft (both rookies and players no one kept) the following seasons. Lineups are:
1Super Flex

Drop your email down below or message me here if you are interested. I am trying to get this settled and set up before week two of the preaseason to get everyones picks in for draft order.

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I’m interested. jonrdupree@gmail.com

hopkinsdrums@gmail.com, please email me!

I sent you both an email and the basics of the league, email me back and lmk if you are alright with the league still and I will throw you on the email chain and invite you to the league

I’m interested if a spot is still available!


I just wanted to send out an update. The league is currently waiting on one owner to decide if he wants to participate so as of now the league is full depending on the owners decision. I will shoot out an update if an opening becomes available

Any word on if there is an opening? Interested if so. lukekennedy317@gmail.com

Hey fellas,

The league actually has filled up for this season. If anything changes I’ll let you guys know!