12 Team PPR / TE Premium / Superflex Dynasty Startup League

$50 annual buy-in; looking for long term owners; Just went with a Star Wars themed team names, you don’t have to be a die hard star wars fan. 9 spots filled with 3 open. Looking to get startup draft going by this weekend

Is it still spots open?

Yes, you want in? I can email you invites to our slack channel and the league

Any spots left?

Yes, I can send you invites now. Email?

Any spots left? Email is tdtatman@gmail.com

Email is adams_nathan@hotmail.com if there are still any openings!

Any spots still open? Email: Jordannewbz@gmail.com

TD - I sent you invites to slack and league. If you are in, you got the last spot. If not, I’ll move on

invited each of you to slack channel. first person to join and that wants to fill the last spot is gonna get it.

I’m in man! I’m on slack now and MFL.

Any spots I’m on Slack and MFL email is davidpwing@gmail.com