12 TEAM PPR yahoo

Emergency! Draft is tonight at 8:00pm …and a fellow foot clan member dropped out randomly the day before. Need 1 person to take over the team and draft tonight. 50$ is the buy in, winner gets 600$ and runner up will get 100$

I’m interested. Have a couple questions, email me, burgessianm@gmail.com

hey, what’s up. ask away

Nothing major, more curiosity stuff, if you still need someone I’ll jump in.

Questions were:

What is the roster structure?
Are waivers FAAB or reverse of record?
Confirming draft is a traditional snake draft?
4 or 6 point Passing TD?
Any bonus or non-traditional scoring aspects?

1qb 2wr 1te 1flex 1kicker and defense. waviver. snake 6 points and welcome, you’re a life savor

I sent you the invite, draft time is at 8:15pm. if you need time to send me the 50$ entry fee, that’s okay.