12 team PPR

Looking for people interested in a 12 team PPR dynasty league start up.

I want it to be a highly active league.

interested, my email is tymisyak@optimum.net

I’m down.

Is this a Yahoo league?

Also- any prize pool to incentivize competition?

I’m interested. What site? Email is ryanr.carter3@gmail.com


I haven’t set anything up yet. I was new to this site so I wanted to see how many replies I got first. I would like it to be a yahoo league and definitely have a prize pool.

Is anyone familiar with an Empire League?

i’m done for yahoo and love the idea of an empire league, people are less likely to drop. Hit me up avoogel@yahoo.com

whats an empire league?

i am also interested in joining your league if, you decide to make one, how much would the entry fee be?

Keelan Cole or Jordan Mathews…who had the higher ceiling in a dynasty ppr startup?

An empire league is basically a dynasty league but there is an end. Once a team wins 2 championships in a row the league ends. A winner earns money each year but there is a pot from transactions ect that rolls over year to year until someone wins that 2 in a row.

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I’m not sure I was thinking 50$ but up to suggestions. Also maybe 1$ for transactions to be in the empire league pot. I’m waiting to start one until I think there is enough interest.

I’d say cole has the higher ceiling but Jordan is more reliable and less risky.

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That works, but i think it should 100$ or 250$ that way, it would give people more of an incentive to not quit.

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I would be interested! My email is nfljetsfan34@yahoo.com.

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Awesome seems like there is enough interest! I will probably set up the league and send out some invites tomorrow!

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