12 team Re Draft league $50 buy in

Hey everyone,

I am currently seeking 3 additional members for our 12 team $50 league. This is a .5 ppr with $100 fab for free agency. Some background on the league is we have been going strong for the past 3 years, but are looking for some committed players. We like to make trades, work the free agent market, and trash talk a little. With all that being said we keep it to a clean chat but still have fun banter. If this sounds like a good fit for you, then reach out and let me know. Myself and my co comish will be reviewing anyone interested. Talk to you soon.

I’m interested. What platform?

This would be on an ESPN platform if that works for you.

My Dad and I would be interested. Both are committed players and looking for a league the same way! I am in on the trading, my Dad a bit less so, but always a joy to have in the league regardless. My email is mdrewsmith122@gmail.com.

Im very interested as well - what platform are you using i can send you my username for it. CUrrently in 2 dynasty leagues and 2 redrafts and hoping to get in a couple more. Also what payment platform are you using?

Hey glad to hear your interested. It’s an ESPN platform. It’s just what a lot of our guys have grown accustomed to. What’s your email and I can send over more information

I am interested. I am currently in a dynasty league that has been active for 6 years but I am interested in joining a redraft league. Let me know if you are still looking for another member. stued16@gmail.com

Thank you for your response. We have a couple other guys that might be filling in the last spots but I will keep you in mind. Are you ok with an ESPN platform?

Yes, ESPN platform works for me. Let me know if the others fall through. Thanks

Just wondering if you already filled your open spots. Otherwise, I am interested. My email is jsiggy527@gmail.com.