12 Team Redraft Auction PPR

Looking for 1 more team in a 12 team PPR redraft league that has been running for quite a few years now. Draft is auction format and using ESPN. FAAB for waivers. Most guys are in the Philly area, but all are welcome.

Details from the commish

  • I will keep most of the settings that Jim already had in the system except:
    • only 1 IR spot that can be used for longer-term injuries &/or COVID-related issues
    • 7 points for DST shutouts; 3 points for safeties
    • no longer lose 1 point for missed FG 50 yards and over
  • All teams will be in one division; tiebreakers are Total Record; Points; H2H Record
  • Online Draft is slated for Thursday, August 26 @ 7:30PM - please confirm if you CAN’T make it
  • League Fees are $100 - please send prior to the draft @ 609.937.6722 via Venmo or PayPal
    I want to have this in place to avoid any collection issues & make sure that winners can be paid on time
  • League Payouts as follows:
    • $700 - 1st Place
    • $300 - 2nd Place
    • $100 - 3rd Place
    • $75 - High Score for Regular Season
    • $25 - Trophy for the League Champion [will be sent directly to the winner]

Invite link:

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