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12 team redraft league .5 ppr FAAB


Hello FootClan. I am looking to start a 12 team redraft league with 12 strong active owners. I am looking to use Yahoo for this league. My usual league just fell thrue and it wasn’t that active and it was annoying lol. So I am looking for a good group of guys or gals that will be committed. Want to have a slack channel is possible and make it fun. Looking to have a little money involved maybe 20-50$.
Rely with your emails is interested. Thank you!


My friend and I are super active and would love to.



Forgot to mention we would only be in if it is .5 ppr and faab.


A friend and I would love to join. Standard league?


I second the .5 ppr and Faab.


Yes the league will be 0.5 ppr and Fabb


If you still have 2 open spots, my friend and I would like to join. We are both very active and engaged players and have been playing for many years.

Emails below:


I’m looking for another league. jjjanke4@yahoo.com if you have another spot.


I’d be interested in joining



I am interested in joining. Send me the details:


if there are still spots, let me know: fantasyfootball@weekendadventure.info


I’m interested as well: jason.c.milano@gmail.com


I’m interested if there is still room. Email is raylavko@yahoo.com. Thanks.


I’m interested if there’s still spots! hollyadavidson@yahoo.com


I’m game if there’s still a spot. Always active and this year I’m not commish-ing two leagues.