12 Team Redraft League Yahoo - Saturday Sept 5th - $150 Buy-in on LeagueSafe - Covid emergency payout planned (if needed)

Snake Draft Saturday Sept 5th 8:30pm EDT

Main lines:

  • $150 Buy-in
  • Snake draft
  • .5ppr
  • FAAB waiver system
  • 12 Teams
  • Head to Head
  • LeagueSafe (majority approval)
  • Trades are all approved within minutes (veto is only used for cheating cases)
  • Payout top 3 fantasy playoffs ($1050 Champ ; $575 Finalist ; $175 3rd)
  • Covid emergency payout planned and posted on the league message board
  • Starting Roster: Qb 2Wr 2Rb Te 2Flex Def

For more details or to join us this season:




after the faab goes thru are you able to pull off the waiver wire?

0$ Bids are accepted and once waivers are cleared players fall as free agents so they can be picked up at any time

u guys full now?

Sent you an invite

How many bench to go with the 9 starters? Are you full yet?

5 Benches and 2 IR spots

No, we have several players with interest but still have 3 unpaid spots for non returning players

Hi Marc - just tried joining but looks like you gave me the boot. Not sure if you filled up but Iā€™d still be interested if spots are open.