12-team SF Dynasty Startup - league full

12-team .5 PPR SF Dynasty Start-Up

$50 buy-in, $100 due up front. Covers 2020 and 2021 to allow for pick trading

1 QB
2 RB
1 TE
2 Flex
1 SF
12 Bench
2 IR
4 Taxi

Slow Draft, 4 Hours/pick

Rookie Draft Seperate

Derby Style Draft
Rookie Draft order is inverse of veteran draft
First rookie draft will snake, every other is linear

Clock stops at 11pm and restarts at 8am

$100 FAAB budget

Pre-season (resets 1 week after Super Bowl) and In-season FAAB (resets after week 3 preseason game)

No Trade Deadline, instant passage unless collusion is suspected

Waivers reset on Tuesday

Every week there will be a chance for 2 wins: 1 as head-to-head, 1 based on league scores

$100 dollars goes to empire pot (vote on 3 ways to win)
$300 to first
$100 to second
$50 to third
$50 to most regular season points

Pay through LeagueSafe

Following year 1, the bottom 6, non-playoff participants will be put in a lottery to determine rookie order, with success rates as follows:
12th place - 50%
11th place - 20%
10th place - 12.5%
9th place - 7.5%
8th place - 5%
7th place -5%

Tanking is not allowed and will result in expulsion from league

1 point bonus for explosive plays (40+ yards)
2 point bonus if explosive play is a touchdown
.1 per completion (QB)
-.5 per sack (QB)

Are there still spots? Sleeper isn’t letting me join

Yes, league is full. Sorry!