12-team SF TEP PPR $50 per season Dynasty Startup

What’s up ballers, I’m organizing a new dynasty league startup. The league details are below and I’ve attached a link to the league. Likely to start draft as soon as league fills and everyone is paid up. Looking especially for players who are going to remain active even in offseason and are not afraid to trade and engage. The hope is for a very competitive yet laid back league.

League and draft details:

12 team SF TEP PPR, 6 point passing TD

1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
2 Flex
1 Super Flex

14 Bench spots
4 Taxi (rookies only)

Slow draft details:
8 hr timer, after round 10 will get changed to 4 hr

Draft will be 28 rounds. Given the roster/taxi construction, you may need to drop a few players that you draft if you do not fill up all 4 of the taxi spots

Annual fees will be $50. The first 2 years will be due up front. This will mean paying $50 for the 2022 season and then a separate transaction in the 2023 season All payments will go through League Safe. Annual league fees will be due by the beginning of training camp every season.

Draft will be paused between 10 pm and 8 am central

Startup draft will be snake with 3rd round reversal. Subsequent rookie drafts will then be linear.

Draft picks may be traded.

If you are trading away your future rookie draft picks then that season must be paid for. For example, since the startup entry fee consists of dues for the 1st two years, if someone trades away a future 2024 1st rd pick, they must pay the dues for that season.

If someone accidentally fat fingers their phone and drafts the wrong person; they must declare it was a mistake immediately, no coming back 2 hours later and saying you meant to pick someone else. If the mistake is acknowledged immediately AND no additional picks have been made then I will reverse the pick to the player that person actually wanted.

All trades are final. READ YOUR TRADE OFFERS VERY CAREFULLY. There will be no trade vetos. If a particular trade is so ridiculous or part of an unusual pattern that raises particular concern for collusion, then I will consider whether that trade should be voted on by the league. In that event, it would take at least 8 of 12 voting against a trade in order to reverse it. This will not be done for trades that people just don’t like because it makes an already great team seemingly unbeatable.

FAAB system waivers. Each team will get $200 that resets every year the day after the Super Bowl.

READ THE SCORING RULES CAREFULLY and ask me if you have any questions.

You are expected not to be a complete and total asshole to others. Leave comments with racial epithets and such to yourself. If you act like an asshole and/or use a bunch of racist language then I reserve the right to remove you from the league without a refund. Curse and trash talk all you fucking want. Just do not act like a piece of shit. Simple.

What’re the payouts?

I’m interested sleeper is P90Preston

I’m interested my sleeper is JasonSmit

Im interested! Sleeper: dylansharpe

Interested! My sleeper is nicksk90

I’d be down. @Spoooonman on sleeper.

1st: 400
2nd: 150
3rd: 50

Sorry guys but the league has filled.