12 Team Sleeper Redraft .5PPR FAAB Waivers ($25 Buy-in)

Hey there! I’m super late getting on trying to find a league, so made a last minute league on Sleeper to try and accommodate procrastinators like myself.

.5 PPR, no K, FAAB Waivers - Am trying to get a close to The Ballers style scoring. I am open to having a buy-in to allow for more… buy-in from the group; but mainly looking for people willing to engage with one another and have a good time throughout the season.

I’m open to changing the formatting slightly with discussions in the group. It’s just me now, so hoping to fill the 12 team roster and draft as soon as conveniently possible.

7 more spots!

6 spots left!

Whats the thinking on buy in? Would be interested if its for $$.

thinking a max of $25. Half the group has responded and said they’re cool with it

5 spots left

2 spots left. Looking at $25 buy-in. Will allow people on the waitlist in case someone doesn’t buy-in

Full, atm; but will keep the thread open in case we have people who would drop out

Hey I’m interested if someone drops out and also pending draft time. You can email me at chef.falcon@gmail.com

sounds good. looking at some point after 8pm CST today, Mon, or tues. Will update email if a spot open up

Tonight at 8pm seems to be the most popular choice

That time works for me, just let me know.

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It’s looking like everyone in the league is good to go. Thanks for being on retainer though. Will let you know if anything crazy happens with anyone

Any spots left?