12 team standard. 7th pick. round 1-3 strategy discussion

Okay so I have the seventh pick in a 12 team standard scoring league and I want to hear some opinions. there are a few scenarios that im thinking about.

SCENARIO 1) lets say the big 6 are gone. my first thought is to take a reliable RB1, Shady McCoy. but with the 2nd round pick, im looking at the players around that ADP and its between Amari Cooper, Dez, TY, Gurley, and if another RB like demarco slips. Im 100% okay with going RB/RB strategy because i like so many WRs later in the draft, so what would you think about reaching for an RB like lamar miller or Gurley. or should i solidify my WRs with a stud like cooper or dez/TY. then round 3 i see my self taking sammy watkins a lot. What do you think about a Shady/Lamar(or gurley)/ Watkins

SCENARIO 2) lets say OBJ or julio slips,(or if i decide to take AJ or Mike evans with my first pick. in the second round i almost feel like i have to take a RB with that pick beacuse there are not many other RBs i feel comfortable with being my RB1… So lets just say i start my draft with AJ/(some RB: Miller, gurley, murray)/Watkins or crowell or TY montgomery…

So what do you guys think. What strategies would you use if you had 7th overall pick? Im personally leaning torward taking mccoy but if a top 3 WR slips I feel like i need to take them… let me know what you think!

I’d Go Evans/Miller

any more opinions?

I like the Shady pick. on the way back id go RB again. another 14 picks later and you still have value in the WR spot. the value is not the same for RB from the 2nd pick to your 3rd. At least thats what i think.
in your second scenario you absolutely have to go RB if you take a wr with your 1st.

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Which RB do you go in the second round? reach for gurley or miller if howard or murray or ajayi dont fall to me?

Murray if hes there. I doubt he would be. Ajayi is second most likely to not be there then howard. chances are you may end up deciding between Gurley and Miller. in all cases im taking Miller.

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personally im trying to avoid Gurley. If hes the top RB then i may consider a WR. there would have to be a tremendous RB grab after your 1st pick.

For this draft, I actually like going WR, WR, RB, RB, WR/RB for this draft.

In my mocks at the 7th, I’ve been able to get AJ Green at 7 (who I would always take), then a guy like TY in the 2nd.

This draft has a decent share of potential (stress “potential”) RB1’s towards rounds 3-6. I’ve been able to get guys like Hyde, Crowell, or Mixon with 3.4, then come back and get Ty Montgomery with 4.6. Even after that, at 5.7, I’ve been able to get guys like Mark Ingram or Delvin Cook.

Or you can grab a WR like Sanders or Tate at 5.7 and come back for Samaje Perine later for depth.

You hit the nail on the head by saying this year is full of mid-late round gems at WR, which is exactly why I’ve felt great about nabbing 3 RBs in the first 5 rounds, then getting great bargains at WR for my next 2-3 picks (guys like Marty Bryant, Jamison Crowder, Willie Snead, Kelvin Benjamin, Jeremy Maclin, and John Brown can all be nabbed later).


what do you think about if Dez comes to me… would you take Dez or demarco? this is after taking AJ in the first round

Dez all day, if it were me. But I really like the idea of maximizing RB value with all these starting RBs in the 2nd-5th rounds and taking top tier WRs with the first two picks.

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also, one more question. who do you have higher, OBJ or AJ. incase he slips, i know julio wont because everyone in my draft is an atlanta fan haha

OBJ because of his 3-year consistency, but they were nearly dead-even last year as far as FPPG. I don’t think it would be extremely foolish to take AJ, but I’d probably go OBJ.

If we’re talking who has the higher value vs their ADP, I’d say AJ Green. I’ve been able to get him as late as 1.10 which is insane.

I agree with that 100%