12 team standard draft. 7th pick

here was my draft let me know what you think!

Round 1: Shady Mccoy
Round 2: Michael Thomas
Round 3: Doug Baldwin
Round 4: Montgomery
Round 5: Mixon
Round 6: Gillislee
Round 7: Abdullah
Round 8: Martin
Round 9: John brown
Round 10:Maclin
Round 11:Stafford
Round 12: Ebron
Round 13:West
Round 14: Enunwa
16: Sturgis

My opinion, I hit RB hard with a lot of players who if they shake out will be league winners (Mixon, Gillislee, Martin, West) and I locked down my WRs with 2 players i dont necesarily love but players i have faith in. Stafford in the 11th i love. Got ebron for an upside TE, if he doesnt work out i will stream.

But what are yalls opinions, id love to hear them!

Not bad! You got Gillislee at a great spot and love him this year. I’m not a fan of getting rookies like Mixon that early myself, he may be fine. I don’t want the risk on Martin at all, but if he’s healthy he’s a beast. (If he’s healthy becoming a cliche right? That is obviously what we hope for with every player, always a risk).

It seems like you got the perfect roster for what you mentioned you wanted. If they shake out it will be great for you. I prefer another 1 or 2 safe floor/ for sure volume guys. Just a little bit of my opinion, but I’m no professional. The ballers may rate this A+.

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Love that analysis, I agree, I panicked at the round 4 pick because hyde went right before me and i was not prepared. in hindsight i wish i took allen robinson or michael crabtree. Mixon is one player this year ive told myself im not taking but if he comes to me in the 5th im grabbing him. but I agree one more Safe player was what i missed on but it only takes a couple of those players to shake out. Thanks for your input!

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Any other opinions?