12 Team Standard Draft Results & FLEX Question

QB’s: Luck and Palmer
RB’s: Ajayi, Gurley, Abdullah, J. White, Kamara
WR’s: Baldwin, D. Thomas, B. Marshall, Moncrief, Diggs
TE: Ertz
DEF: Cards
Kicker: Crosby

My league settings is standard scoring with 2 rb’s, 2 wr’s, and a flex spot. I have never played in a league with a flex spot before and was wondering who to play in week one and even going forward. The options would obviously be Abdullah, Marshall, Moncrief or Diggs. I really like Abdullah this year and I like the idea of having 3 rb’s on the team but I am just not sure. What do you guys think?

Where is your first round pick? I don’t see why you don’t have 1 of the top 12 players. Im guessing ajayi is your first but I do not see why cause he could be a second round pick.
Anyways I would flex Abdullah unless Odell is out week 1 then I would flex Marshall.

Yeah Ajayi was my first round pick. The reason is because this is a keeper league and since this was my first year in the league I did not have a keeper option so all of the top players were gone by the 9th pick in the first round.

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