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12 team standard league results, will I survive?


I was Draft pick #3 .

Round 1 - L. Bell -RB
Round 2 - D. Freeman -RB
Round 3 - D. Baldwin -WR
Round 4 - L. Fitzgerald -WR
Round 5 - T. Burton -TE
Round 6 - Chris Hogan -WR
Round 7 - P. Rivers -QB
Round 8- M. Goodwin -WR
Round 9 - P. Barber -RB
Round 10 - B. Powell - RB
Round 11 - Saints D.
Round 12- J. Elliot - Kicker
Round 13- C.Keanum -QB
Round 14- K. Gollawday -WR
Round 15- J. Conner ( L.Bell handcuff) - RB

So as the draft was flowing, I noticed that almost everyone was grabbing a 2nd QB, seems like they were going to hold on this qbs until they no longer needed them. Had no choice than to take another myself. Some picks I would have waited but seems like this year everyone was not waiting for the right pick. They were getting that player at all cost. The highlight of this draft was, a player chose Hunter Henry - TE on round 6 . Everyone stood quiet and shocked! I will say this, nobody liked my pick for round 3. Oh well. Stuff happens. The roster is set up as 1 QB,2 RBS,2 WRS, 1 TE, 1 TE/RB/WR, 1 KICKER,1 DEFENSE, 6 BENCH.

P.s. Yes I used the UDK


I like it, you have some top targets and good red zone threats. well balanced and consistent players when healthy


Youll make some noise with this team but the guys are serious when they say never draft a kicker before the last round. (and same goes for D/ST)

7th is a little early for Rivers imo though


Yeah but all this guys messed everything up to the point you would begin to doubt a player will be on the board. All bs aside, I have J. Elliot and that boy was getting 19 points , he can sure kick a 60 year field goal. This should be interesting how it turns out this year. I finished 5th last year, I went from 8 and 10th to 5th after I discovered UDK.