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12 team standard league, who to choose with 4th pick on round 1?


Im in a 12 man team standard league snake draft $150 . On the 1st round im pick 4. I was told if I cant get the top 3 rbs, to aim for the top 3 wide receivers. So if Jhonson,bell and Elliot are gone, I should go for antonio brown. But I want to hear other opinions, strategies that would work. Its 1 Qb , 2 Rbs, 2 Wrs, 1 TE , 1 flex, 1 DST, 1 kicker and 6 on the bench. Help please. :slight_smile:


Assuming non-ppr, you can’t really go wrong with Antonio Brown or Julio. I’ve seen McCoy taken, and I wouldn’t be opposed to doing that myself. I’m surprised Mike Evans isn’t going earlier. If I have an early pick like you do, and its non-ppr, I tend to go RB/RB/WR/WR/WR.


Yeah, I have done Rbs first, but the fact that is 12 teams, snake draft. I feel like taking top 3s so I wont miss out on that, think about it, I’ll be pick 4 on 1st round but then i’ll get 9th pick on round 2. Yes, it is non-PPR. Thanks for your input.


So I might reach on an RB, take McCoy then shoot for Cooper on the way back. I’m high on those guys. If you take a really solid WR, I feel like you miss out on a sure fire RB1 in the second round.


Would you take a shot on Ezekiel Elliott even if he gets 3 game suspension?


I definitely would, he’s going to be a work horse out there and worst case you can handcuff him late in the draft.


My tried and true strategy… I’m letting you in on trade secrets here… first three rounds, go as safe and guaranteed as possible. So if I’m pick 4 and the big three rbs go, I’m taking brown hands down. Yeah, I want a big name rb real real bad, but you just can’t go wrong with the safety of brown. But honestly, McCoy isn’t some horrible pick either. In fact if it’s dj, bell, and brown gone and I’m at 4, I’m taking McCoy over zeke. I don’t mind the three game suspension, but we are talkin about a all but guaranteed top 5 rb this year, and he will play ever gsme (barring injuries). So if brown is gone im taking him hands down.