12 team - Start-up/Keeper - PPR - Superflex - Please rate my team

QB - Prescott, Fitzpatrick & Fields
RB - Kamara, Mixon, Sermon, Pollard & T.Jones
WR - J.Jefferson, C. Lamb, T. Mclaurin, B.Edwards, D. Mooney, A. Brown
TE - Higbee
K - Zuerlein
D - Steelers

Now that’s what a fantasy football team should look like!

I mean, I hope you din’t take Kamara over Henry or Zeke or anything, but you should still have two top 10 RBs. The RB depth is wanting, but hopefully you can address that with a shrewd free agent pickup at some point. And kudos for being on top of the news enough to know that you should handcuff Kamara with Jones and not Murray.

You have one of the top QB, one of the top Ds, and one of the top TEs as well.

The only real ding is the depth, and that can be addressed in-season. Your starters are all playoff material.


B+ good draft

I took Kamara at the 1.4. I ranked him higher than Zeke & Henry due to being the focal point of the offense and also because Winston was named starting QB. I feel he will stretch the field opening up more room for Kamara to roam.

Thanks for rating my team.

Taking into account this new information…