12 Team Startup Dynasty!


I had a dynasty league but everyone decided to just not play anymore. To avoid that happening again I am looking for people who intend to play for multiple years while also being active!

Serious and active fantasy owners please.

12 Team full point PPR: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLX, DST. 8 BN, 2 IR.
100 FAAB.

$25 buy-in through league safe.

Please provide emails below. Using Sleeper platform.

You should use the Footclan Leagues section for this.

fixed it for you @alexjones







Both of us are searching for an active league:



Nice we’ve both been looking for a dynasty start up



I’m down if there’s still room. dat_johnson_boy@yahoo.com

If there is still room, I would be interested in joining as well. westman94@gmail.com

Interested if there is still room. Tbevolo08@gmail.com

Why am I not surprised that people decided to stop playing in Alex Jones’s ffb league :rofl:


I’m in 5 dynasty leagues. They are great. It is typical for the first year for every team to pay first year and 2nd year upfront or at least half of 2nd year. The reason is it is easy to get a win now team in a startup and then leave. It also ensures some level of commitment. If someone leaves and you need to fill the orphan team that amount being paid helps finding a new owner.

I am hoping you have a spot still open. thecryingpoet51@yahoo.com