12 team superflex ppr Dynasty start up on sleeper

Hey Footclan!
I’m starting up a superflex ppr dynasty league. First year the will be no buy in to see how it goes. https://sleeper.app/i/0gNWq5DweoY5
Looking for active mangers. I am fair commish through I send everything to a vote in the off-season. Once the season starts the rules are the rules .

Hey. I’ve joined. But wanted to let you know I live in Australia so need to draft after 2pm central time. Happy to drop out of that doesn’t work. I’ve been playing for two seasons but also do fantasy rugby league and premier league. Committed fantasyer.

Thanks for joining I’ll make that work for you if you have any suggestions for rule changes let me know

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I’ve joined

What will be the projected buy in for next year? I would want to join, then it end up being too pricey for me to continue.

Hey mate,
Any news on how this league is filling up?

We need 1 more

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25 or 50 probably

Update . league is full