12 Team Superflex, TE Premium Dynasty Startup on Sleeper, $100 per season

Hello Footclan!

I am starting a 12 team, Superflex dynasty league, tentatively called The Social Distancing Club Dynasty Fantasy Football League.
A quick overview of the league:

• League Annual Fee: $100. Must pay for two years up front ($200 total)
• LeagueSafe with majority approval
• Jackpot league; back-to-back winner wins the jackpot (NOT an empire league, rosters do NOT reset)
• 12 teams playing a 13-week regular season with 3 weeks of playoffs
• 28 roster spots with five taxi spots and three injured reserve spots
• 11 starters – 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 4 Flex, 1 Superflex
• PPR scoring system with 6 point QB scoring
• TE Premium - 1.5 PPR
• Regular season games include both “Head-to-Head” and “vs. League Median” matchups
• Startup Draft is a slow draft (8 hour timer) with a 3rd Round Reversal; draft order determined by derby style lottery
• 2020 Rookie Draft picks selected during Startup Draft
• Startup Picks can be traded
• Rookie Draft is a slow draft (8 hour timer)
• Week 12 Trade Deadline
• Winners - Playoffs for prize money
• 6 team playoffs during weeks 14-16, playoff seeds determined by overall record
• Week 14: Top 2 seeds by overall record get a bye, bottom 4 seeds compete in Head-to-Head round and winners advance to week 15.
• Week 15: Final 4 compete in Head-to-Head round. Winners advance to Championship Game, losers play for third place.
• Week 16: Championship and third place games
• Losers - Toilet Bowl (Battle to avoid last place; does not determine draft order.)
• Draft order determined by potential points for picks 1-6, picks 7-12 determined by playoff finish.
• Season FAAB budget of $100 is given on league start.
• Offseason FAAB budget of $100 is given following Super Bowl Sunday.
• Rosters expand to 33 roster spots in the offseason
• League Chat will be on Slack
• League hosted on Sleeper

My ultimate goal is to find 11 other dedicated people who are committed to joining a long-term dynasty football league. Here’s what I’m looking for in potential owners:

• Knowledgeable and up to date on all things NFL
• Previous dynasty experience
• Active in chat, trades, waivers, etc.
• DFS experience (encouraged but not required)
• Mature adults only. Racism, sexism, bullying, and general douchebaggery will not be tolerated

The goal is to begin the Startup Draft prior to the NFL Draft, but I also don’t want to rush the process of filling the league. In other words, the Startup Draft will start as soon as we have 12 quality owners.

Interested in joining? DM me with your email address and I will send you a link to a short application and the league’s rulebook!

Hey man, my cousin and I read through this a couple times and we’re very interested. We’re curious if we could co-own? We’ve been looking for a dynasty league to co-own and think that we’d be a good fit. Here’s my email: elihuff24@gmail.com

We would love to apply and join this and draft as soon as possible. We’re incredibly bored being quarantined lol. Thanks man.

Would love to apply/join. Email drizz2818@yahoo.com

Can you elaborate on 3rd Round Reversal and why? Seems to be big disadvantage for early draft spots.


That’s basically why I chose to do a 3rd Round Reversal, as it seems to actually make things the most fair for all drafters. I think it’s become a lot more common recently because a traditional snake draft is so overwhelmingly biased towards the early draft spots.

kylefardelmann@gmail.com, very interested…love a lot of the settings not sure how I feel about third round reversal but…you mind explaining what you mean by “2020 rookie draft picks selected during startup draft”, I assume you mean 1.01 in startup gets 1.12 in rookie meaning we have two seperate drafts…but just want to clarify

Thanks for all the interest! The league is currently full, and is no longer accepting applications.