12 tm 1/2ppr startup keeper sleeper

QB / RBx2 / WRx3 / TE / Flex / Benchx5 / IR

Scoring is mostly standard at . 5 PPR and 4PT Passing TDS

Using League Safe for all payments $100 ($200 for the first two years)

Using the SleeperApp

Draft is on August 27th 6:30pm

Bylaws can be found here:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rnHKuAuQW9-UcC08zJQ1SAQs-3sbjcJAVNE2Fujdn4Y/edit?usp=sharing

Fun and active Users drop your emails below ! If you don’t feel comfortable dropping your email just DM me!:call_me_hand:t3: Only 3 spots left!

Interested in league, let me know if there is any opens. PatrickJohns9@yahoo.com

I’m interested. msmith5525@gmail.com

Interested. dvazquez13@fordham.edu