12th Pick in a 14 team 0.5 PPR. Who do I pick?

I have the 12th pick in a 14 team 0.5 PPR league.

From my several mock drafts, these are the options I have been getting. Which option would be most ideal for the first 2 picks (picks 1.12 and pick 2.03)?

  1. Kelce + Mixon
  2. Harris + Ekeler
  3. Diggs (or Adams/Hill) + Mixon

Choices available to me at 1.12: Adams, Diggs, Kelce, Taylor, Najee Harris
Choice available to me at 2.03: Ekeler, Ridley, Hopkins, Gibson, Jefferson, Mixon

A lot of times, Ekeler is already gone by the time I pick at 2.03, so the next RB I get to choose from are Mixon/Gibson.

What combination should I be trying to target?

Harris and Mixon would be a pretty solid start in a 14 teamer.