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12th pick in PPR


I have to 12th pick in my full point PPR league. RIght now I am thinking about going RB RB and then WR WR in the 3rd and 4th round. I have choice also of keeping Jordan Howard if I give up my second round pick where he is exactly falling but I am worried that the hype could cause someone to try and snag him before me in the 1st. Should I keep him? just trying to get some advice and any would be appreciated thanks.


I think it’s hard to say. You don’t know who’s going to be there when it’s your pick(s) (I’m guessing it’s a snake so you get back to back picks?)

I think you have to look at who’s the best player on the board. Deciding to go RB RB without being flexible could come back to bite you. Stay flexible, take the best player available and I think you’ll be fine. Jordan Howard to me carries a decent bit of risk. I think he could be great but a 2nd round pick for him seems high. Would that prevent you from having back to back picks since you’d have to give up your 2nd round for him? If so I think I’d let him go.